What is MBA Law ?

What is MBA Law ? An MBA Law is a master degree in Business Administration with a special focus on Law. Getting an MBA in Law is more and more popular as an academic discipline. Many professionals get an MBA in Law degree in order to become more competitive in the job market. It is common to take… Read More »

What is LLM?

What is LLM? An LLM, or Master of Laws, is the academic degree awarded after completing advanced and specialized research in a particular area of law. An LLM can only be pursued after obtaining a professional law degree, however an LLM is usually not required to practice law. An LLM program will give you expertise in a specific… Read More »

What is LLB ?

What is LLB ? An LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, is the professional law degree awarded after completing undergraduate education. In most countries, holding an LLB with additional accreditation, allows for the practice of law. LLB programs give students a solid understanding of law, as well as the critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills necessary for the field… Read More »

2016 Teacher Training college Forms

2016 Teacher Training college Forms TEACHER TRAINING FORMS ARE OUT Visit our homepage for more on admissions in Ghana.         Admission Forms For Other schools In Ghana Admission For Private Universities In Ghana 2016 Admission For Regional Maritime University 2016 Admission For University college Of Management studies 2016 Admission For PILEMA 2016 Admission For knustford… Read More »